Antivirus blame str8 music for  setting up an event on the same date on with their mix tape launch. To spot some of the vinegar face book status here is some of samples of what these guys have to say concerning what str8 music have done.

K wa maujanja saplayaz spoted posted this on his facebook status
"sasa wauza fegi wameingia vitani wasilalamike,hawajui 2nachofight hi ni mapindizi hasa kw wale wanaovuta sigara ya sm waache coz wana2didimiza wasanii wa bongo kw kukumbatia wasanii wa nje, wasanii ha2jafurahishwa mamilion yaende ulaya na usa huku wasanii wa bongo wafe njaa"

daniel kamili aka dany msimamo said:
"str8 music....str8 music? hawa wanaitwa str8 wanafiki...sasa wameungana na wezi wakuu clouds fm na kampuni yao ya kukwepa kodi prime time promotion...wameamua kufanya show siku 1 na sisi vinega wa yetu ni ya kizalendo na ni kwa wazalendo inaitwa tamasha la burudani kwa mashabiki "muziki unalipa" ndani ya chuo cha ustawi wa jamii bamaga tar 26/11/2011............. Kiuzalendo zaidi"

D wa maujanja saplayas wrote:
"show ya str8 muzik sio show ya kizalendo inaendeleza upigaji na thuluma kwa wasanii wetu sasa nyinyi wapigaji 2tadili na nyinyi na we meneja masoko wa str8 muzik ur next"

on the other hand
on their movement page they have gone further to caution the guest artists dmx and fabulous telling them that"

anti virus with no apology!---proudly tanzanian--- message 2 dmx and fabolous : .

The disregard you have shown to our request not to come to tanzania under the circumstances which we have been facing for over 15 years in the local music industry has clearly shown that the "pursuit of happiness" which you have been propagating in your music for the past decade or so are clearly not in your interest for us tanzanians .as of right now , as we write this message to you , your name is being promoted by the same promoters ( str8 music of tanzania cigarette company , primetime promotions and clouds entertainment) who have undermined the progress of the local music industry and strategically monopolized almost every sector of this industry to their advantage .

And as if we don't have enough health problems and adding pain to sorrow, now dmx is endorsing cigarettes and supporting our exploiters to their advantage … damn!!!???!!! In any case , be advised your presence here will be marred by a lot of negative publicity . It"s nothing personal , just another case of wrong place wrong time . Man to man,

i hope you can understand .take note : the average pay for a live performance paid by primetime promotions and clouds entertainment to an artist is less than 100 dollars . Str8 music pay a little bit better at 300 dollars . Think of that when you are counting your money . It's a shame that it's our own brothers selling us out .

Do not be alarmed just another word of caution to a brother in the game . Enjoy your stay ,it's a lovely country …anti virus with no apology! ***** proudly tanzanian*****