Hot Live Wire


Hot Live Wire is the new way which artists and Band can promote their music, This is the  the new platform where artists can meet the fans in terms of providing direct music to their fans and that will help Musicians to expand their fan base.  What we mainly do is to provide music to the fans. Hip Hop?? yea that's our main goal, to promote the hip hop music industry which for long time has been one of the music influencing a lot of musicians to get into the music industry, but most of the stake holders tend to turn the artists into money making machines and on the other side leaving most of the music and getting deep down into the poverty.

Thank you

What We Do?

We save as the Platform for Hip Hop Music promotion, Criticizim as well as Thumb Up.


Giving What Hip Hop Fans Waited for Long Time "Entertainment", Market Place where a musician can sale their music online is our Vision

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